Referral Program

We would like to help you to earn some extra cash during this difficult time!

Refer More! Earn more!

Step 1 : Register

Register with us as a Referrer.

Step 2 : Refer

Share your Referral link to your friends.

Step 3 : Redeem

Receive RM20 in CASH for every successful subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Be a Referrer?

Simply fill in the Referral Application form. You will receive a unique Referral Link in your email.

How Does It Work?

Simply Share Your Referral Link to your friends.
Every time your friends use your Referral link to subscribe successfully, you will receive RM20 in CASH!

How Do I Get the Commissions Earned?

The cash payment will be transferred to your Bank Account that you provided to us when you apply for your Referral Link. Commissions will only be paid for the successful subscriptions via your Referral Link. 

Can I View My Referral Performance At Anytime?

Yes you can. When you apply for your Referral Link, we will also email to you Referral Report link, so you can monitor your performance.

Terms & Conditions

  • Stay At Home Tuition reserved the rights to amend the terms and conditions, and/or terminate the Referral Program without prior notice.
  • To be a Referrer, you will have to be a paid Subscriber at our website. If you have registered to our website, but have yet to make payment for your subscription, you are not qualified to be a Referral.
  • Every subscriptions must be completed (with successful payment) by the Subscriber, in order to complete the subscription. Only successful subscriptions will get the commissions.
  • If your friend subscribed successfully, however he/she did not use your Referral Link, you will not receive the commission. Therefore, remember to remind your friends to sign up/subscribe using the Referral Link that you send to them.